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Meet the Team


Julie Bustamante

Project Manager

Julie Bustamante is a skilled architectural professional with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Historical Preservation from Texas Tech University. With a solid foundation in architecture, Julie seamlessly integrates her expertise into her role as a Project Manager. Her keen attention to detail and commitment to urban planning principles shine through in every project she undertakes. Bringing a unique blend of architectural knowledge and project management skills, Julie ensures that each endeavor is executed with precision and excellence.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Julie’s interests extend to researching AI design and cultivating her love for gardening. She is deeply passionate about urban planning and strives to create spaces that function efficiently and contribute positively to the surrounding environment. With her dedication to excellence and eye for detail, Julie Bustamante is an invaluable asset to any project team.


Lorenzo Peña

Project Manager

Lorenzo Peña brings over 28 years of invaluable experience in the construction industry to his role as a Project Manager and Lead Estimator. Proficient in all construction divisions, Lorenzo is a seasoned professional with expertise spanning various facets of the field. He holds certifications as a Project Manager (PM) and from the American Concrete Institute (ACI), reflecting his commitment to excellence and industry standards. Leveraging his estimating and project management skills, Lorenzo ensures the successful execution of every project he oversees. His meticulous attention to detail and strategic planning capabilities contribute to each endeavor’s timely completion and quality outcomes. Beyond the construction site, Lorenzo finds solace and enjoyment in outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, and hunting. He also enjoys working in his backyard, cultivating a green sanctuary of tranquility. In his downtime, Lorenzo enjoys experimenting with cooking and finding satisfaction in hands-on projects. With his wealth of experience, dedication to his craft, and diverse range of interests, Lorenzo Peña embodies professional and personal excellence.


Kawauney Cortez

Administrative Assistant

Kawauney Cortez is an undergraduate in the Associate of Arts in Accounting, Business, and Economics. While Kawauney may be new in the company, she is willing to learn and is passionate about becoming a part of the team. Her position as an Administrative Assistant at ECOM Construction has helped the company grow with ongoing projects and contribute to the team. Kawauney understands the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving organizational goals. She is eager to contribute to a supportive work environment where she can learn from experienced colleagues and grow professionally. With her positive attitude, eagerness to learn, and commitment to the company, Kawauney Cortez is poised to make a positive impact as she embarks on her journey as an Administrative Assistant. She looks forward to growing and developing in her role while contributing to her team’s and organization’s success